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Casper & Gambini's

Once a single coffeehouse that fed beautiful minds, was born out of passion and experience, with the modest dream of blossoming over the years, a dream that never faded away…

Casper & Gambini's

Today, our branches are widely spreading their wings in different cities of the world for food and coffee cravers to indulge their taste buds and enrich their senses with culinary creations going beyond expectations. From the clientele that we attract and retain, to the way we add a special touch to their lives, we have always served much more than food and coffee.

Every branch offers a nostalgic feeling with the changing seasons, and greets you with a warm welcoming aroma that takes you back to nature. Embark on an exquisite journey while gazing at our signature items and feel the strong sense of belonging to our ingenious aura… Make yourselves at home, where all is in good taste!

1948, Trieste, that little northern city in Italy was starting to witness the birth of an everlasting story about tastes echoing everywhere. After years of building the richest culinary experience and skillfully practicing this art, 1996 was the establishment year in yet another metropolitan city, Beirut. Fresh sandwiches, salads, desserts and many other delicacies were prepared and presented in brilliant success. From two cities to the whole world, the 40 sq.-kitchen turned into a regionally-recognized and widely-loved brand that is now spreading the good taste in 10 cities across the Middle East and Africa.

The Culinary Team

Each and every menu item presented to our customers combines creativity and diversity clearly embodied in our culinary team members. Dedication and passion are the driving force behind the hours of preparation our chefs spend in creating masterpieces, all crafted from scratch and from the freshest ingredients.

Top notch service is the least you can expect from our friendly and professional ground staff. Having acquired several years of rich expertise in the industry, they will surely leave a long-lasting positive impression on both you and your guests. On another hand, our customer service department offers you outstanding support following the top-notch standards of ethics and quality.

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