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Responding to the challenges, seizing opportunities

We inspire our employees and clients to do the right thing and make the best business decisions at every step and every opportunity.
/ About Us

We have extensive experience in the development and operation of various F&B brands.

N&F Hospitality’s portfolio of hotels, serviced residences, leisure clubs, restaurants, and spas seeks to disrupt the market with innovative solutions, inspired by the modern global traveler and consumer. The group with its ambition to become the most innovative hospitality company in Morocco, defined by marrying the warmth of the human touch with the power of technology, strives to create inspirational brands by exploring and challenging the boundaries of the industry.

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What we do

At N&F Hospitality, we provide our hotel operator expertise to serve our clients, partners, and talented teams, bringing our vision of Augmented Hospitality to life. As a global leader in hospitality services, is continuing to elevate this key ingredient of the hospitality experience to meet evolving client expectations and inspire connections and community. Through bespoke concepts, be it socializing and living spaces rooted in their neighborhoods as community hubs or stand-out destination bars and restaurants, renowned for their design or one-of-a-kind food concepts, N&F Hospitality is going further in creating unique and authentic experiences that are relevant to locals and travelers alike.

N&F Hospitality, a subsidiary of Rakkan Holding was established in 2021 to manage hospitality services. 

Our Business Approach

Responding to the challenges, seizing opportunities.

Demonstrating that bespoke experiences need not be synonymous with lifestyle or luxury only, N&F Hospitality is also elevating the experiences and curating unique culinary concepts in restaurants & bars across our core brands in all segments, including economy and midscale – belying the reputation they may have for standardization.  

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Elevating the experience across brands

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Excellence is our commitment in all what we do.. and serving our customers to their utmost satisfaction is our tradition. Going beyond expectations with the best products and services with high quality & commitment. Being a pioneer Holding company and Contributing and participating at the national economy growth, with projects in line within the overall Royal Vision. Being a main player in our continent’s economy and solid partner to companies who share our vales to grow all together.

/ Our Vision

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In line with the Group’s ambition to extend the hospitality experience and connect with clients well beyond hotel walls, the addition of other leaders in dining & entertainment to our portfolio are also widening the palette of distinctive experiences and concepts

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